Developers Roadmap


1. Learn to Learn

Learn the operating systems of your brain to maximize your learning.

2. Foundations of Coding

Learn HTML5, CSS3, JS, PHP, SQL, and Python.

3. Create a Showcase Website

Build your website and get it live.

4. Build Experience

Complete 2-3 freelance projects.

5. Take Your Skills To The Next Level

Get a job, start your freelance business or build your SAAS business!

Long-term success!
Coaching video chats

Coaching & Support

  • Live group coaching sessions
  • Community support
  • Private consults

How do the 3 private consultations work?

When it comes up, you can send Stefan an email with your questions. If they can be answered via email, then we don't count it towards the default 3 private consults you'll have with Stef. The 3 private consults come with the higher level package at the current $999 for lifetime access. So far, only one person has used up the 3 private consults, because most questions can be answered via email. Examples of what people will ask:

  • Can you check out my resume and give me feedback?
  • I am working on a project, what do you think of this approach?
  • Can you give me feedback on my website?

Don't forget, we can answer most questions in our group coaching sessions! Many though, like the extra level of support (and privacy) they get with the private consults.